Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Fishing

What is a dad to do when he is home alone with his boy on a warm spring day? Updates
  • Animals: Returned "Romeo" a boar we borrowed. He arrived on April 1st and returned home this past Sunday. We think he did his job, he at least gets an "A" for effort. We are hoping our two sows will be having piglets in July/August. Not ideal timing. Next time around we will plan for spring piglets rather then fall.
  • We hope to get our electric fencing up within the next couple weeks and get some cattle out in the pasture.
  • Broilers are really close to freezer camp. Maine Man has almost completed the plucker. He just needs to attach motor. Pictures and post to follow.
  • We have babies! One of our does had a litter. Not sure how many? I'd say at least 4 by the picture. I did not want to disrupt them so I just put my camera in the hole of the box and snapped away until I caught a glimpse of them.
  • Garden is coming along. We have lots more planting to be had over the next few weeks. The greenhouse is another project that needs to be done. Not sure when we will have the time. One of MM's buddies gave him plastic for it. Only problem is that it is 3 feet too short in width. Not sure what we are going to do with that. Too bad it wasn't too short in length instead. That would have been an easy fix.

  • Food: I have been doing a little experimenting (imagine that!) with raw milk. This week I made butter for a first. Skimmed 1 gallon, end result about 2 tablespoons. It was very tasty. Note to self: don't bother unless you have a milking cow in your backyard an an abundance of cream. I also attempted to make yogurt. Bought the culture at the natural food store and incubated it using a crock pot with water. Did not come out very well. Consistency was good but it seemed a bit tart. Not sure what I did wrong. I never buy plain yogurt, just flavored so it could have been that? Will experiment again sometime!
  • With some of that milk I had to use up I also made this grape nut pudding recipe. It is at the bottom of that post. MM ate it up in no time. If you are looking for a really good chocolate cake recipe with peanut butter frosting this is what I made for Leah's birthday. I made it for the first time last year for MM's birthday, it is now a family favorite!
  • Leah has been cooking up a storm. She nearly killed me school vacation week. I think I gained 10lbs and had a bad case of dish pan hands. Damn I need a dish washer! It is the top of my I NEED list! This past weekend she made some really yummy peanut butter balls and she plans to post the recipe sometime soon on her blog.

  • Community Treasure Chest aka the "tote" from here on out. That adventure has REALLY taken off. I started with one tote in circulation but others wanted to join along so I started a second. It has been SUCH A SUCCESS! My buddy Miki is starting a third except she is putting a little twist on it making it a couples tote. I have received great feedback from the members. Everyone so far has been happy with the goodies they have scored. SO VERY excited at the responses! I think I may have even inspired a women I work to put one together with some of her friends. If you haven't considered getting one of these started in your neck of the woods I suggest you get on it.

17 comments: said...

I love the photos! Congratulations on your new babies!

One of my favorite things about coming to your blog is simply the photos. At times (thankfully not tonight), I've been so exhausted that the very thought of reading made me feel dizzy -- your blog is always so comforting because I can just get thoroughly lost in the beauty of your farm kids, farming adventures, animal husbandry, and so much more.

Of course, I go back and read the posts later. I'm always glad that I did, too. You are such a delight! I wish we were neighbors, too.


jack evans said...

I really like your site I teach children in church and I am in puppet ministry love to fish boy that boy sure caught alot of fishes he look like he having fun www come and help a newbie out yours in christ,

Anonymous said...

You've been BUSY! How do you find the time to do all your homesteading projects on top of working? I thought I was busy but you've got me beat.

Ron said...

ha! I love the fish, congrats. :)

I'm hoping to buy a couple of shoats late July/early August this year. That timing actually works out well here for feeding them nuts and butchering in the cold weather.


Jennifer said...

Why of course that's what a Dad's to do! Seeing those pics makes me want to go fishing. We haven't been this year. I'm glad to hear that "the tote" is such a success. I think I'll start making some calls and see about starting one up.

Anonymous said...

I know I've been outta the loop lately, but did I read cattle?! When did/does this happen? Boy, you guys are a force to be reckoned've just got sooo much going on!! Looking forward to seeing MM's plucker! :)

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

Wow, lots going on over there! I just love coming to read all about your "adventures". I guess I can live my dream through you.

Anonymous said...

Love the fishing photos, reminds me of Kyle when he was young.
RE the yogurt, did you get the starter at Uncle Dean's? That's what I use, and I like it a lot although I'm used to it. It isn't quite Fage Greek Yogurt, but it is a LOT more economical!

Keep your eyes peeled for a yogurt maker at Amazon. I got one that holds a 1 quart mason jar perfectly, and it was only $10 (Salton brand). I've saved enough to pay for it 3 times over, and it is way easier than the cooler route.

YAY Spring!

citygirl said...

With all that you are busy doing you probably don't need a sleeping pill at night, huh?

Sometimes reading your blog inspires me and sometimes it makes me feel like a down-right slacker!

Cattle? Does any other follower want to wager what Country Girl and MM will get next? He he he heh....LOL!

Mare said...

WOW! You are so productive! Good for you! You must feel great about all your accomplishments!

GreyWolf said...

Wow, and I thought I had been busy!
At least you take the time to blog, something I haven't been doing.
Congrats on the baby bunnies!!!
Don't be afraid to handle them. I have found that the more interaction you have with them, the easier they are to handle later.

Country Chick said...

Congrats on your first litter of bunnies! I am excited for you guys! And your fryers look great! Let me know how the plucker works! My hubs wants to raise fryers but he wanted to have a plucker so let me know and he can probably build one too. Talk soon, Janine

jenn said...

I've been hearing about grape nut pudding since we moved to Maine, but I've yet to try it...guess it's time to give it a whirl!

Were the fish caught in your pond? We'll definitely have to get together this summer - the kids would have a ball together.

warren said...

My word you are busy! Looks like tons of fun though! Congrats on the baby and the fish!

Paula said...

Sounds like a lot of things are going on around your place, Kim!
The fresh fish looks wonderful!

Country Girl said...






Renee said...

Don't give up on the raw milk...we buy it from a family down the road, $3 a gallon. My husband puts in one of those glass jars that have a spout at the bottom. We get the milk and he gets the cream for butter. He makes the butter in the food processor..