Thursday, September 24, 2009

Growing Herbs

Year #2 of growing herbs. Would have done long ago had I known how easy it was. This year Maine Man even allowed me my own little section of the garden for this purpose. You see he is the true green thumb in the family, so in the garden (this being the only place.....I assure you!) I follow his direction and do as I'm asked.
We grew cilantro, dill, oregano (pictured here), basil, rosemary, and parsley.
The kiddos entered a few vegetables in the fair taking first place in everything including Flower Girl's oregano. Next Year we plan to do a Farm Display. That should be a lot of fun. You must display 2o varieties of produce and it has be educational. I have it all plotted out in my busy little head. Can't wait, it will be a good experience for the kids. There is incentive as well, first prize gets $100. Not sure about your kids but my two are always looking for ways to make a buck.
A few weeks back while visiting my sister-in-law I noticed several canning jars filled with herbs and I inquired how she dried the herbs. I have previously attempted the hanging upside down method but was never impressed with the results.....dried, brown, super crispy leaves. Did a little research then I thought to use my dehydrator. Love those AH HA moments! It worked PERFECTLY. I dried basil and oregano, took no time at all. Placed the whole dry leaves in canning jars and I crumple them us as I use them. Cannot wait for next year's herbs. Plan to grow and put up MUCH more.


Judy T said...

One of the things I regret most about moving is leaving my established herb garden. But we've got plans for a new, improved one here.
I store my dried herbs in my freezer- for some reason I think they hold their flavor better. It's probably just my imagination- but it works for me.

Karen Sue said...

I think it may be time to check into a dehydrator..and grow some herbs. I don't herb much, but I'm willing to learn and I'm pretty happy with my small gardens this year,even with all our rain..hey! I never missed the rainbarrel I'm still waiting for!! Hopefully it will come in for next year.. and I need to sit down and write about this year, so I can repeat and improve on it. Got some compost/manure to locate and haul before the snow flies, but right now, I'm still picking tomatoes!! Can you tell me a little about the dehydrator that you have??

Jodi said...

We only planted basil and parsley this year (though I hope to expand a little next year). I dried half of my basil in my dehydrater this weekend (and left the rest clean, dry, wrapped in paper towel and sealed in a zipper bag with all the air smooshed out in the fridge).

I found it took too long, so I did a little research.

Country Wisdom and Know How is a very informative book. You can freeze both basil and parsley! It's almost as good as fresh (just not as crisp, or so the book says). I'm trying that out this year because I could fill my bathtub with parsley right now. lol

Country Girl said...

FF, I would feel bad leaving my herbs behind too. Freezer... that is a good idea. I do that with flour sometimes when I buy by the 50lbs.

KS, It is nothing special of a dehydrator. Bought it several years ago. Has three levels.
Tomatoes, what are those? We got blight :(

Too long, wow. Mine took a couple hours if that. I pulled the leaves of and did w/o stems??
Herbs do last a while in the fridge if packaged properly.

Shelley said...

I am now putting a dehydrator on my Christmas list - what a great idea! Congrats to your kiddies!

Paula said...

I'm thinking of trying an herb garden next year, Kim- I might have to pick your brain on a few things.