Saturday, September 5, 2009


They'll eat just about anything including my laces.

Finally a follow up note to my previous post the good, bad, & the ugly.

My rant about being overwhelmed with all the work of the farm, especially the animals. This summer I came to the realization that raising animals is a lot of work and can be rather costly to feed and maintain. Most days we literally worked from dusk till dawn and beyond. I often found myself dreaming of the cool winter nights kicking back shortly after dinner..... Not......there was always SO much to do! We just had too much and we were not optimally set up.

While reading through my comments on the above post mentioned there was one that really caught my eye. It was from Trapper Creek. It was then I had an ah ha moment.

She wrote, "A big thing for us here is minimizing the daily chores and making some weekly, like having a big enough feeder and water setup that the pigs only need to be serviced once a week. Same with our laying flock. Things like that made a huge difference in my attitude :)"

That is the key! Get optimally set up! Make life easier! So that is the plan. We are downsizing on animals for the winter. We sold the goats, 1 flock of laying hens, and the meat rabbits will soon meet their maker. One last batch of broilers before winter. Thankfully they are only a short term commitment, 6-8 weeks, I can handle that. My plan for next summer is 2 pigs (1 for ourselves and one for a friend, same with the cows), 2 cows, layers, broilers, and a few ducks for the pond. That's it!

It is thorough our journey that we have come to realize our purpose here on the farm....raising animals for food not hobby.

Farm Lesson of the Summer "Work smarter Not harder!"


Erica said...

Exactly! Sometimes we make things much harder than they have too :)

Captain Hook and Lady Crochet said...

Hey Chick.
I couldn't agree more. This is why we revamped the chicken coops. Now everything is external. AND we too made the feeder and waterers big enough that it is usually an every other day thing. We are in process of getting the goat area done. All of the feed and waterers there will be accessed from outside of their pens as well. I am also planning my raised beds for the garden. Once in, I will not have to mess with them again. Plus, I am planning for our later years. They will be 3 cinder blocks high. So much for bending over!
So, I'm with you! Here's to an easier farm life! :0)

jenn said...

I agree, it's efficiency that makes the difference. Unfortunately, I always seem to have to do it the hard way first before I figure that out...

warren said...

That's my favorite mantra I think...
Work smarter Not harder

Congrats on finding it with the critters///