Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dried Beans

This was the first year that we grew dried beans. I picked up some Soldier Beans from a local market and instead of eating them I opted to plant them.
I hung the whole plants to dry in the barn for a couple weeks then...
...Country Boy, my Mom & I took the beans out of the pods.

Next year I'd like to grow a few other varieties.
This whole process makes you look at a bag of dried beans in a different light that is for sure.
In general I find growing your own gives you a deeper appreciation for food and those that prepare it.
On a final note...has anyone watched the documentary "The Future of Food"? If not you really should. Maine Man and I watched it last night. All I am going to say is "Scary!" Let me know if you watch and what you think.


small farm girl said...

Those are really pretty beans. Don't forget to tell us how they taste. lol

warren said...

We have grown beans two years now...we let one round dry on the vine and picked them and then waited for another round to grow before harvesting and hanging like you did...I think I like you way a lot better! We just thought we'd try to get more but I am not sure it was worth the work.

It was cool though that there seemed to be 2 distinct growths...

Hickchick said...

This is alsoour second year growing beans for dry beans. I think if money was the only factor I would buy them! But it's not. So I will do it again next year. This year i picked them dry off the vines- i thought they were easier to find once all the foliage had withered down.
The pods are still in old chicken feed bags in the camper-we are shelling bit by bit!

Mrs. Doug said...

Oh my, growing your own dried beans is such a wonderful thing. We grow Jacob Cattle and there just is NO comparison with beans you purchase in the market.

Looks like a wonderful crop of tomatoes. It would be nice if we could build a hoop house someday. It would extend our growing season on both sides.

Enjoy those beans!

Olsen Family said...

I am so growing beans coming summer. I saw Future of Food and thought it was very informative. I just can't eat corn syrup without knowing I am supporting evil. Anyways, love your blog.