Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A little post of the kids birthdays has become a yearly tradition. In a sense it is their birthday card.

What to say about this sweet little chickie that we love SO?
We LOVE that she is.....
~caring & compassionate
~smart & sensitive
~spunky & spontaneous
~a gourmet cook ;)
This is what FG's teacher wrote about her in her latest report card:

FG "is a delight. She has so much unbridled energy and enthusiasm for learning and life in general. She is doing a terrific job."

That my friends says a lot and means so much! So proud of the young lady you have become FG!

This is her birthday "Wish List" she wrote out for me after I completed her shopping.
  • roller coaster kingdom ds
  • my sims kingdom ds
  • make up set
  • sunglasses (you have new ones)
  • book light
  • five/ten bucks
  • nail polish
  • laptop ( NO way, you'll be assigned one in junior high until then we have 2 computers)
  • seed/flowers
  • real fish (one we can eat?...Momma doesn't need any more animals to pick up after)
  • back pack (girl you have a brand new one, Christmas... remember)
  • the bangor mall gift card
  • books
  • candy lots & lots of candy(you'll have to hide it from know how I like your candy stashes)
  • cheese balls
  • apple peeler
  • a bunch of jolly ranchers
  • mountain bike/blue
  • gum
  • peanut butter balls (this wish was fulfilled by Amy...thanks they were SO good)
  • a flower bouquet (I hope lilacs will do....)
  • a bunny/real (you had one, didn't feed him and we gave him to a lovely realized 3 weeks later)
I did get some of these goodies kiddo but Momma's not rich and your not spoiled!
To end this post with a little song to dedicated to my little Sweat Pea....In My Daughter's Eyes by Martina McBride




Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Flower Girl! I bought myself a netbook before my 2th birthday though in October '09.


sugarcreekstuff said...

Happy Birthday FG. I love that you put food on your list. My kind of girl!