Friday, March 13, 2009

Savoring the Moment

Maine Man & I were off today and the kids were in school. Unusual occurrence here on the homestead. He planned to go out back and gather wood since we only have a weeks worth left. We have burned about 7 cord this season. In my mind I was reviewing the endless list of things I could do then decided to go along. I find that sometimes you just have to say hell with it, "it can wait". It all to easy to get caught up in the routines of life.
That is something I love about the kids! Their spontaneousness
(I'd say I just made that word up because spell check is not finding it) , their ability to completely change my focus for the day. They do that too me on a routine basis. I never regret it!

Any how, we gathered some wood then went for a walk on the trail.

There is still lots of snow but regardless it was a gorgeous day.

Even Callie thought so. She loves going out back. The minute she has the slightest idea we are going out back she goes ABSOLUTELY mental until you hit the trail.

We gathered bows for the goats to munch on.

MM stacks the down brush to help house the wild critters (rabbits) in the long Maine winters.

Even though the snow has been melting slowly and most days have been cool. The preparations of Spring are still underway. I planted green peppers and cauliflower and plan to start more seeds over the weekend. A green house is in our to come. We have lots of peeping chicks and ducklings in our wood room. We sold all but the 20 chicks (rhode island reds) we are keeping and 10 ducklings(khaki campbells). MM always orders by th 100...uggg. I SO want an incubator but I also long for a new camera, pressure canner, and a dishwasher. That is my WANT list for 2009.

On Sunday we are going to tap our two maple trees. I look forward to that adventure. Another first! On a final note I am dreaming of finding a local source of raw milk so I can give homemade butter making a try. Then maybe I'll progress to yogurt and/or cheese making. Maine Man grew up drinking raw milk. I have never even sampled it.


Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

I grew up on raw milk too. When I had my 4-H goats in high school, I made some homemade butter just to see if I could do it. I remember it was very creamy and I liked it. Glad you two had a day to yourselves and you got to enjoy it. It's important to have days like that every once in a while where it's just the two of you.

Jodi said...

Watch craigslist for a pressure canner (if you don't mind used). I believe I saw one earlier this week. (It may have been ebay - another good place to watch!).

T was told to check out the MOFGA website on places to buy raw milk (we also found that the Natural Living Center sells unpastuerized milk - I think I'll just buy it there for when I finally get around to trying my hand at cheese).

Hope that helps some!

Glad you had a great day with your hubby. We need those days every now and again.

fullfreezer said...

What a great day. It is so nice to spend a day together with your hubby, even if it is working. There is something wonderful about that quality time.
Good luck with your want list. My canner was on my want list last year and my hubby came through with it for Christmas.
Have fun tapping the maples. I wish we had something other than oak trees on our lot.

jenn said...

I've always dreamed of having a green house! My house is way too small to start all the seedlings I'd like to, plus the cats tend to eat the baby plants.

GreyWolf said...

Lots of fun going on in the woods!
Very good pictures. I think you will get hooked on raw milk. I know I loved it as a kid when we had a chance to visit relatives with farms.
It is supposed to get above 50 here today so we are planning on working in the chicken coop, getting ready for chicks here too. And digging out the seed starting stuff. We would love to have a greenhouse too!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awww, I'm so glad you made the choice you did and went out with your M.M! It looks like it was a wonderful day - and that sunshine...WOW!
You asked me a few posts ago what kind of camera I have and I wanted to respond. I apologize if this is too detailed and long. Feel free to delete, if you wish...

I have two cameras and I love both of them for different reasons.

The one nearest and dearest to my heart (and the one that took the photos on the post you commented on) is about three years old and is the one that I carry with me everywhere I go. It takes video and, most importantly, fits in my back pocket. I never go anywhere without it. Seriously. :-) It is incredibly beat up, too, at this point, having been taken everywhere, dropped frequently, snuffled by donkeys, etc., but it is the easiest camera I've ever had. It's a Casio Exilim 7.2. mega pixels and, at this writing, still works, despite the automatic lens cap getting a bit sticky at this point.

The other one Jim got me for Christmas last year and is a Canon EOS Rebel XTi. It was a pretty cool package because it came with a basic 18-55mm lens, a 75-300mm zoom lens, 2 batteries, and a carrying bag. I use this camera for when I want higher quality photos. I shot the donkeys and chickens a lot with this one over the summer and have a number of shots that, I think, are frame-worthy. I really like the sports-mode on this camera because it's great for Aidan's sporting events, and I also got some great sequences of donkeys wrestling and running down hills and such.

Both of these cameras were Costco specials. I love Costco for all things electronic!

Anonymous said...

Glad that you folks could have a day together. I have had the experience of making maple syrup several times, and it is an interesting experience, especially if you sit out by the sap pan while the fire under it is burning, and just enjoy smelling the air and being alive.

sugarcreekstuff said...

That dog is so full of joy!

Please post about your maple tapping, I am curious as to how you do yours.

Kyfarmlife said...

what a fun day! I love that picture of your dog! How cute is that!!!!!!? You've got a lot of plans that are just too cool and fun! I cant wait to see how they come along...great journey! And good luck with it all!
(I LOVE the fact that you stack limbs for the wildlife! You are my type of gal!)

Lynnie said...

How exciting to have chicks! Spring is in the air, at least in our heads if not outside. We have a chick order coming in a week and a half and my husband had better not have ordered in the 100s! They are staying in our guest room in the beginning. Thanks so much for wishing me well on my surgery (which went off without a hitch)! I really appreciate it!

Country Girl said...

Amy, I am not a big milk drinker but I will try it. So the butter you made, was it from goat milk?

Jodi, thanks for all your great suggestions. Used is okay with me, most of the things we own are used. I under utilize MOFGA, I became a member last summer. Your response promted me to go on the site today. TY ;)

FF, thanks. We only have 2 maple trees so don't feel bad.

Jenn, I hear you on the cats. Mine have destroyed some plants already this season!

GW, that is great you are getting set up for chicks. They are one of the best back yard pets productivity wise and they really aren't that much work compared to other animals.

Farm Girl DK, thanks for all the info! AS IF I WOULD DELETE!!!!
I was told that the cannon rebel es (I think?) was a good camera. My little kodak has been great but I SO look forward to an upgrade. Hopefully by my b-day :)

CR, your right on, we will be right out ther as it boils down.

SC, I will post. Thanks for the idea with the milk jugs!

KY, thanks. Callie is a nut, she is fun to take pictures of. I can't take credit for the rabbit huts, that is MM's doings.

Glad to see your surgery went well you you are back on-line.