Thursday, September 4, 2008

To the OR he goes

Oreo loves yogurt, good thing because that is all he has been able to eat the last few days except a little hay.

See how bloated he is.

Our treatments are not working so there are 2 options and we have choose to try and save this little bugger. He is heading to the OR in the morning for a rumenotomy
The kids and I will be having a lawn sale and hopefully I can talk then into selling their chinchillas (that they rarely pay attention to) and I have a bunk bed to sell to help fund this madness.
The estimation is $300. Hopefully I will have pictures to follow. I am going to see if they will take some pictures in the OR, doesn't hurt to ask right?


frugalmom said...

Sending good get well goat thoughts your way. I hope it all goes well and the little guy is back to his normal self soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with Oreo, I recognize the breed;0 We had a Nigerian Dwarf doe named Oreo and her brother was Cadbury and their Mom came with the name Hershey P.A., he's a flashy little guy, most goats do like yogurt though much better than the gel probios, you know as soon as I put some baking soda out her belly went down tremendously on a Mini-Nubian doe named Hannah, she's a chunky little girl! If you need anymore help with the goaties please feel free to ask away since we have been raising goats for 9 years now and I have read alot of books on goats here so I have a source for about everything here;)

Mandie said...

Hope Oreo's surgery will go smooth and fast. My hubby would act the same way about farm animals. SOOOOOO frugal!!!

Amy said...

Oreo looks really bloated the poor thing! He must be so uncomfortable right now. I hope your sale goes well to help take the bite out of the vet bill. Will Oreo need a special diet afterward or can he go back to eating normal goat fare?

Farmchick said...

I hope Oreo gets better soon. Thanks for your sweet comments.
As far as your question you left me on my blog...fragrance oils & essence oils are very expensive -- the good thing is that they are very for laundry detergent you may not need much-so it may be expensive intially but could last quite some time. Hope that helps you a little!!

PIE said...

I really hope it all works out for you. I know it is hard, especially with kids involved...real life or not. Good luck.