Thursday, September 18, 2008


This summer we raised 23 meat birds, another first for us. They were honestly the best chickens I've ever eaten! We were down to 4 or 5 in the freezer and I mentioned to John that I'd like to get some more because I didn't care to eat store bought chickens again. Same thing that happened after having laying birds, now I only want farm fresh eggs....I see a pattern here.
So for all you that know John or have followed this blog know that John is always looking for a good deal and the more chicks you buy the cheaper. So you know it he ordered 200 chicks and received 208 because you always get a few extras. He was hoping to sell 150 or so but, here we are in Maine, it is September but it feels like November and we still have 177 left (30 went to a new home and 1 died ) YIKES!!!
Guess you know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year!
I did want to declare a homemade Christmas this year...homegrown same thing right?
I guess we'll just keep our fingers crossed and hope we get some calls or take some to the auction.

Neglected goats

That is a sweet potato, I was thrilled to see the vine actually produced something. We didn't realize that you could grow them in Maine. They started out as an experiment after seeing it on others blogs. I can't wait to dig them up!

A Blue Heron at the pond. I tried all summer to get a picture of him (her) and finally Luke was able to capture the moment .
Last year we planted edamames and the beans were real tiny, this year they came out perfect, not sure if it was because of all the rain we had this season or because we left them on the plant longer?

We harvested approx 6 bunches of celery. We have relentlessly planted this year after year with no success until this year.

As usual this year we had many more tomatoes than we wanted to process. My neighbor and I purchased this sauce master from Johnny's Select Seed . John and I processed a bushel basket of tomatoes in 30 minutes. We are very pleased with how well it worked just turn the handle and the skins and seeds shoot out the end and sauce flows out the side. The basket made 31/2 gallons and we added peppers onions and spices and turned it into a great spaghetti sauce. The skins and seeds were feed to the pigs.

Lastly, a picture for John's Aunt Bea that requested a more recent photo. This is last June, John's graduation.

That is it for now I need to get some rest I am headed to the Common Ground Fair in the morning with friends from work.
Happy Weekend! :)


Amy said...

Thanks for the update! 200+ chicks is a LOTTA CHICKS!!! The peeping must be maddening. Your celery looks good--I bet those tops would make a great flavor in a chicken stock. Where on earth would you get the chicken though? Hmmmm???

Cute goatie pics and it looks like the kids and the kids are getting along great.

Have a great weekend! You're such a handsome couple.

Jodi said...

That's a lot of chickens!

We're hoping to get laying chicks in a few years. Preferably once Monkey is old enough to help gather eggs. lol

Have fun at the Common Ground Fair! We're going for our first time tomorrow. :-)

sugarcreekstuff said...

If only I lived closer I'd take some off of your hands. We ordered 25 Dark Cornish, 2 died early on, I plan on keeping about 6 or 7 for breeding next year so 14 chickens wont get us through.
Your veggies are amazing.
That is a nice looking couple. :-)

Rabid Outdoorsman said...

Common Ground Fair . . . LOL! My thoughts exactly see you there!

frugalmom said...

Edamame...was it easy to grow? I want to try it next year. The celery looks great.

Thats a lot of chicks!

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

My oh my...lots of chicks!
Pictures look great and looks like you have got very good harvest this year.
Got cold last night, down to the mid 30s. It went down to 29 degrees in the Adirondacks last night!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Kim!

Farmchick said...

Hi~enjoyed reading your post today--we don't have chickens on our farm but we did have them on my parents farm when I was growing up and you are right....after tasting homegrown chicken you do not want a store bought chicken EVER! Would love to have you stop in and visit sometime! said...

200 chicks!!!! Oh my goodness! WOW!

That's a lot of poo!

I love your kids (the furry kind and the two-legged kind)!


I couldn't seem to visit your site. I've been trying DAILY and the page wouldn't open. I got an error page from blogger.

I am so behind!!!

Danni said...

Any special tips on growing edamame? I almost tried growing them this year, but decided to stick to "basics" as this first year was just my "test". Since I seem to have successfully produced some food (yay), I'm ready to grow other stuff now.
I actually grew tons of celery from seed this year and missed my oppty to get the seedlings in the ground because my 6 donkeys showed up. Funny how all my garden focus seemed to disappear around that time. Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

200! That's bulk buying for sure! Way to go Maine Man...thinking big is my way too! I'd say the extras are going to be great Christmas gifts but don't wrap them yet...they'll need a bigger box by December!

Paula said...

Thanks for the tip on the sauce master.... since our tomatoes are finished for the year, I won't be able to use one now, but I will definitely check into getting one before next year!
Love the goat pics!

citygirl said...

They are cute...but, I think I would be breaking a few covenants in this neighborhood by raising chickens. Can you imagine the riff-raff that might cause?

Let me know when the birds are ready to put in the freezer...I will take a couple and spread the word at work...maybe we can sell them that way?

Carolyn said...

Just surfin' the Blogs and found you. I wanted to say Hi and nice blog.

Stop by and visit me sometime....


Country Girl said...

Amy, I love the peeping and there only rowdy when they are hungry.

Jodi..yes lots of chickens but we have sold a bunch now, THANKFULLY!!

Sugar creek, sounds like fun. I have heard the meat birds can be hard to breed cause they get so darn fat??

Rabid Outdoorsman, I didn't see you there among the 20,000 people???

Frugal mom & farm girl, yes they were easy to grow. You keep the pods on longer than you'd anticipate so the beans form.

YD's and Pine Pod thanks. We have been having frosts here for the last week.

Farm chick and Lacy, Thanks! Lacy I am not sure what's up with this site. I have had issues downloading photos lately.

Warren, My Maine Man does think big when it comes to bargain prices. He scares me at times but it always works out in the end.

Farm Chick, sauce master is the only way to go if you grow and process an abundance of tomatoes.

City girl, I 'll let you know if we have any to sell but we hope to get rid of them now before they eat us out of house and home. They are little piggies!!

Carolynn thanks for stopping in and saying hello!