Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two legged, Four legged, and lots of legs

Isn't she sweet? Couldn't you just kiss her!
Tomato horn worm causing havoc in the garden. The chickens thought he was some tasty.
I know there is more in the garden but I've yet to spot them, only their poo.
Any ideas on getting rid of them?

We've had a blast this summer having campfires, frogging, gardening, spending time with friends and family, camping, and just staying home with all of the critters but fall is creeping upon us. As excited as I was to greet summer I am looking forward to the fresh crisp fall days. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention school? 2 1/2 weeks...whose counting? I know in previous posts I have mentioned and considered homeschooling but in all honesty I do not have the patience for it! When the kids are in school I LOVE my time to go to the gym, shop without assistance, have a clean house for greater than 1 hour, and mostly the silence but I always look forward to picking them up at 2:50. I have the utmost respect for those of you who do and for all the teachers.
Looking forward to getting back into the routine of rising at 6am and bedtime of 7pm
(bedtime for them..not me!)

The goats finally have a pen in the barn. They have been sleeping in my mud room and the second they hear you up they were blatting away. This is a much better set up for the winter months. To the right of their pen is a door out into the field so eventually we will have something set up there so they can go right out. I'd like them to go out this winter when it is not too cold. We have considered getting a solar fence for them (and for cattle...maybe next year) but I have heard mixed reviews on them for goats. Right now they have a fenced area that is approx 10 x 10.

Come on, just one little kiss


Anonymous said...

Re: Tomato horn worm's

Just hand pick them, or use floating row cover. Funny, our chickens didn't care for them.

Joe C.

Lynnie said...

We have a solar fence for our goats and it works fine. It's not set very high (I don't think we could get it to), so we use it in conjunction with a regular mesh fence about six feet high. None of our goats have ever gotten out, even our big male.

Country Girl said...

Joey our chickens love them. We actually picked about 12 more and they were fighting over them. Lynnie thanks for the advice, nice to hear from someone that has already used that type of set up.

Mandie said...

I absolutely hate those tomato horn worms. We haven't seen them yet this year. We look for the pooh and know which plant they are in. Brad sprays 7 dust on the plants, he gets the concentrate. It is not organic gardening but it does get rid of those pesky things. I could just kiss your goat!! Sooo sweet. We start school on Monday here. Girls are excited. That means I am off to work too, yuck!

Danielle said...

I feed my hornworms to my birds as well. One thing, though, if you find any with white oblong egg sacks on their backs, leave those alone. Those are parasitic wasps—the good guys. They'll devour the hornworm upon hatching and grow up to help you.

I have a post on my blog with photos if you're interested: here.

Country Girl said...

Mandie, my husband wanted to spray but I'm trying hard to get away from that so we plucked a ton off and the chickens were happy. Next year I'll catch them sooner if the little buggers return. I heard they are easier to catch at night because you can hear them.
Thanks Danielle I'll check out your post! :)

goatgirl said...

I'd kiss her!