Monday, August 25, 2008

Sprouts & Taters

I finally scooted over to Johnny's to buy a bioset as seen on Angie's blog Children in the Corn. It works great for sprouts, edibles in 3 days. I tried the canning jar method in the past and the results were some stinky rotted seeds, not pretty!
This was about $15, I received a slight discount because it did not have a box. I sprouted alfalfa, broccoli (esp for spouting), and mung beans. I like the alfalfa the best and ate them mostly on salads but the mung beans ended up in the compost pile. Not quite sure how to prepare/eat them, I have heard in rice? Any suggestions sprout eaters?
John harvested our potatoes, this was the best batch yet. We have approx 3 picking baskets full. Is one basket considered a bushel?
So I need a screen name for this hard working farm man. Although John is a good name I need something a little spicier, don't you think? Ree at The Pioneer Woman
refers to her hard working husband as Marlboro Man, check out her blog if you have not yet. It is a hoot. They live on a working cattle ranch, she home schools, she is a great photographer, and she is entertaining!


Anonymous said...

How fun, can't think of a name really for your husband though!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Kim, I use DH, but my hubby thinks I secretly don't mean Dear Husband... he thinks it's probably derogatory ;) I've seen HE, husband extraordnaire, what do you call him when no one is listening?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the spuds will keep better if you wait until the vines die down, and the skins cure a little.

They sure look good, what variety?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! I post regularly, I promise! Whenever you click on a page, look to the column on the right and there's a section called "Recent Posts" and there you will find all the very latest entries. I know... sort of a silly way to navigate. It needs work. We shall see what happens with a new designer.

I call my husband Great White Hunter... well... when he's hunting.


Anonymous said...

Mr Potato Head? I doubt he'd go for that though. Your taters look great. How do you store them?

Country Girl said...

Pine Pod, me neither. Guess I'll have to stick with his birth name unless I get some good suggestions.

Nita, never gave DH much thought. That is too funny....Dear Husband, yeah right! We have no pet names for each other but I do call him names on occasion when he pees me off, nothing he would want me to call him on-line.
He picked the potatoes earlier than usual because it was so wet here for weeks he feared they may rot.
Not sure of the variety, red potatoes is all I know??....real knowledgeable :(

Lacy, John would like that for a nickname.

Warren, that is a good one but your right he would not like it. We store at the top of our cellar and some in the shed. This year we plan to cut a bunch up, cook a bit so that we have home fries ready to cook up.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout your maine man? sorry! ;) Seriously though, I use the sprouts most often in sandwiches, stir-fries and homemade eggrolls. (eggrolls=to DIE for!!:)

Paula said...

I like Farm Mom's Maine Man!!
Very cute!!

Country Girl said...

Farm Mom, you have come up with the best idea yet I'd say. I'd love to have that egg roll recipe. I have never made them but I really like them. Do you have the recipe on any previous posts?

Farm Chick, I agree with you!

sugarcreekstuff said...

My Step Mom gave me her old seed sprouter, I haven't used it yet. Where did you get your seeds? I don't want genetic altered seeds or seeds that may have been treated in any way.

Country Girl said...

Sugarcreek, I bought them at Johnny's select seed. Same place as I bought the spouter. The link is on the post if you want to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I'll post the recipe for you.