Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glamour Shots

Sunday night we go to a family BBQ for my father-in-laws 81st birthday, post to follow. Leah asks to take the camera to get a few photos. I agree and remind her to be extra careful with Momma's camera and to be sure and take lots of photos of people, not things. She is infamous for taking pictures of objects which can be very entertaining but sometimes annoying. She returns the camera to me and I just happen to peek through at the pictures and this is what I find.

This might have been something I did at 16 not 6.
What are we in for?


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! All that just to get her to eat her vegetables?

The last one in the list was my favorite!

frugalmom said...

How cute is that! Those are priceless.

Paula said...

She's a natural!!
(Ham, that is! LOL)

Anonymous said...

LOL at the pictures, she looks like what my 6 year old niece would do too, she has a thing for making faces actually all my 4 nieces seem to make different expressions for the camera!

Country Girl said...

Warren, the last one is my favorite too. I thought it would be a good one to end the post with.

Frugal mom, priceless, you said it.
I hope this blog is still around when they are grown, it will be fun to look back at.

Farm Chick, isn't she?

I nearly cried of laughter when I saw these pictures on my camera. She has never done anything like this before.

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

A girl with many expressions! Great pictures!

Amy said...

This is the most entertaining series of photos. I look at each one and think what she was thinking at the moment. She's proud of her missing too, has a serious side and a goofy side too. What a ham! LOL Print them out and save them for future blackmails!

Danni said...

She is adorable and looks to have quite the personality. Please tell her she can borrow my camera any time!! :-)