Saturday, February 9, 2013

Storm Nemo

Back when I was a kid this much snow was normal.  Not so much these days.  Just two days ago there was barely any snow.  For the most part the fields were clear.  Last night into today I would say we got near 2 ft in our neck of the woods.  It’s really hard to say how much exactly because there is a lot of drifting going on.Callie is a bit verbal, especially if she thinks there is any chance she thinks you may be gearing up to go out on the back forty…her favorite place to roam free!

The greenhouse….MM never put sides up before winter.  We will have to do so this Spring before planting in effort to keep the heat in.  It gets so hot in there in the summer we have no choice but take the sides down.

The kids were a big help around the house today helping with the animals and even cooking for us.  They cooked both breakfast and lunch including this delicious éclair above.  It was SO good!  They are trying to earn some brownie points with MM because they both really want a puppy.

On any given day this place is a whole lot of work.  Add a couple feet a snow and the work load is much greater.  I am thankful that we were all home and able to pitch in and make everything happen that needed to!

I knew there was a reason I didn’t clean that spider web out.

The cows coming out of the barn at three o’clock this afternoon after being stuck in since last night.  They were not impressed.  Neither was I when I had to muck out their stall.  It is much less work when they spend some of their day outside.  With the high winds it was necessary to button up the barn so it do not fill with snow.  They are closed in again tonight but probably the last time for a long while.

Lily May

Bubba & Beefalo

Crazy kids….can’t wait til my mom sees this photo.  She’s gonna flip!  I assure you they didn’t last long out in the elements.


LuckyRobin said...

Brr...I'm cold just looking at your fearless children! And that snowy spiderweb is gorgeous.

GreyWolf said...

Your kids remind me of myself as a youngster. Going barefoot in the snow was something I did on a quick trip outside, usually without a coat and in short sleeves. But I never went so far as to don a swimsuit. That snow web is amazing.

rocking R rustics said...

cool spider web, that much snow would weigh quit a bit, guess they are stronger than steel.

Linda said...

Greetings from Montreal, Canada. Love your photos, and your header is fantastic!