Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A lost skill…

It is not usual to walk in our kitchen and find Maine Man cutting up meat at the kitchen table, especially in the Spring and Fall.  This past hunting season he cut up 3 deer.  I suggested maybe he should have one cut up professionally so he could have a break.  He gave me the evil eye and said “I’ve never paid to have a deer cut up.”  Some day we hope to have a meat cutting/canning type of kitchen but for now this does the trick.

If I was stuck with this task I’d have to watch you-tube videos to walk me through it.  Deboning the chicken that is,  I’m all set with cutting up deer and it won’t be long before Country Boy is able to do that on his own.  I am thankful I have such handy men in my life!  Maybe I ought to pay a little more attention.  My theory is if I play dumb I won’t have to do it.  Kind of what he does when it comes to cleaning the bathroom and a few other things around here….lol.

Going through my pictures from last year I realized I posted pictures of the kids and their deer but none of MM.  The meat came just in time as I was running out of beef. I was starting to freak.  I find comfort in full freezers and I must have at least a couple dozen eggs on hand at all times.  I’m a bit of a food hoarder, just ask MM.  It’s another one of my fine qualities that drives him batty.

On a completely other note………

While searching the web recently I searched for the “top homesteading blogs” and found my blog #26 on this site here and again over here at Living Off Grid.  Guess I better to live up to that and step it up a notch.  If your looking for some inspiration I suggest you go on over and check out some of the other links.

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