Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Time


It is hard to believe summer time will soon be coming to an end.  It seems as though it just started a couple weeks back.  The last few weeks has been insanely busy.  With the everyday need to’s of the farm, having company for two weeks in addition to the pig roast we had yesterday for Maine Man & 2 of his friends 40th.

Phew….Today it is a rainy lazy day and I LOVE it!

One of the activities we had was rock painting.  It was a BIG HIT and we scored some really COOL rocks out of the deal.  We gave them a little spray of clear coat after the rocks had dried and this week we will place them in the path between our home and Biker Stacy’s .  (If you click on the photos it will enlarge them so you can see greater detail)


The Pig Roast was a success….fun had by all. Photos to come!


warren said...

It's hard to beat a pig roast! Glad you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Good post! No pig roast for my parent's and I since we're pretty much vegetarians the only meat we eat is either vegetarian or chicken or turkey or fish though.