Friday, August 19, 2011

Pig Roast 2011


A couple weekends ago we had a pig roast at our farm in celebration of Maine Man’s 40th birthday, in addition to 2 of his friends that also turned the big 4-0 this year.  We fed quite a crowd and from the feedback I’ve received I think all had a nice time.

Pictured above is my bff and her s/o.  Blessed to have her in my life! 


One of the birthday boys and his daughter.  He did a great job cooking up the pig and it was right on time!  Thanks French!


Kids had a blast playing volleyball and later in the night they played “man hunt .  They all had a blast!


Left – one of my BF’s from high school.  She was a HUGE help and I would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Right – My neighbor…lucky to have her just a stone throw away.  We have lots of fun together!


Left – Another birthday boy.  Later that night he was rather entertaining by the camp fire with guitar in hand. 

Right – His step-dad…long time friend


To the left is my farmer friend and the right is my Dad & Step-Mom

My parents live up country so this was the first time they met.

So glad because that was on my farmer friend’s bucket list!



Left my brother who was also a HUGE help getting this GIG together.  THANKS YOU SOOOO MUCH!


Thanks goes out to the girls as well that helped with set up & clean up, picking wild flowers and decorating!

MM hung this swing up between our two maple trees.  Country Boy bought it a couple years back at a lawn sale.  It is now our FAVORITE spot to sit…when we sit!

One good thing about having a big gathering is that you get projects completed that may have taken you MUCH longer.  In our case the swing, my wood cook stove is painted and in the house, barn doors were painted, the outhouse, the list goes on and on.  Even did some Spring cleaning that I’d been neglecting since last


Left- friend, one of the birthday boy’s wives.  THANK YOU as well for all your help ….much appreciated!

Right – my other neighbor.  Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my neighbors?  Lucky to be surrounded by  a bunch of good peeps.  Has been a blessing for my children as well.  GRATEFUL!


Cousin’s girl headed for a swim.  Thankfully we were blessed with a sunny day.  The next morning we woke up to rain.


My girl painting up a flower on one of my buddies.  Another friend  I love and cherish!


Someone locked there keys in their car and guess who came to the rescue…the one and only MM.  Everybody needs a MM.  I am just THANKFUL he’s mine! 



Love her dreads!  This weekend the party is at her house.  Looking forward to that….just a stroll through the rock trail and I’m there.  Will post pictures of our little creation in the future.


Me and my cousin…P.S. Thanks for the pot holders love them & use them almost every day!


Dinner for a whole lot of people.  I didn’t keep count but I’d dare guess some where’s up by 100.  Just about serving time I had a brief twinge of chest pain while looking at the crowd. 


Friends since high school.  We have lots of good stories to share but I’ll refrain as this is public and a must behave.


Love Love my parents…Grateful for the time I spend with them. 


MM to the right w/ his brother (left)


Friends…they look like there up to NO GOOD!


My two pals!!!  THANKFUL for our friendship!

Goat Milking brought in quite a crowd.  We usually milk outside but MM  moved Dolly’s stand in the barn.  We think we are normal at times I think we are a side show…lol


What I LOVE most about Biker Stacy’s daughter is that she’ll TRY ANYTHING!


Judy T said...

Looks like you had a great time! We celebrated my hubby's 50th last weekend and had friends fly in from all over. Too bad we wait for those special occasions to get together. We need to make more excuses.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I kind of miss milking days but not so much though. No pig roast for my parent's and I since we're pretty much vegetarians, the only meat we sometimes eat is turkey or chicken and seafood but other than that we eat vegetarian meat.