Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We will Never know all the good a Simple Smile can do!


When I saw this quote I immediately thought of Flower Girl….my smiley kid!

Sweet as ever….  Often found gathering strawberries for company, picking flowers for her school teacher, giving the neighbors a dozen eggs, filing bags with garden fresh vegetables and herbs for  unexpected  visitors.   IMG_5650r

She even helps her Momma in the garden picking garlic scrapes.  Creative little bugger even made a scape holder with a scape….Clever!  Last year I made and posted about Garlic Scape Pesto if you want to check that post out.

Recently she tried on the bee suit on for size and took a peak at the bees.  Last night I was stung for the very first time from one of my bees.  I was unsuited by the hive checking on their feed and as I went to walk away I was stung on the elbow.  OUCH!


FG gets credits for the picture of the Lunar Moth…not bad!   The picture just above here is her preparing to capture it’s simple beauty.  She’s starting to take an interest in photography.   She inherited my  old Kodak point & click. GIRL AFTER MY OWN HEART!


Crows Eye Maine said...

What a beautiful little lady!! Looks just like her momma :)

Danni said...

And such a beautiful smile she has, too. For the first time today, I got a glimpse in one of those shots of the lovely young woman she will become. :-)

goatgirl said...

I wish she was mine!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and lovely smile! I took a picture of a Lunar moth on the 4th of July and posted it on my blog yesterday.


Dragonfly Hill said...

Hi Kim
I am off Mon thru thursday. Wanna play ? Beach ? Hike ? kids included ? The weather looks great, and by the way I am a farm girl from way back and would love to get my hands dirty.
hugs !!