Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pig Roast ~ Picture Tribute for my Big Brother~

Steve, here they are! Better late then never. A couple weeks ago we had a pig roast to celebrate my OLDER only brother's birthday. It was one of the best parties we've ever hosted and the biggest (nearly 100 guests) one we have ever had here on the farm. It was so nice to get together with family and friends. I am thinking we should make this an annual event!

My niece (Steve's youngest)

Steve, Cousin Gary, and Uncle Everett

High school friend Travis and yours truly.

My brother and some of his friends.

Step-sister Sue & My Step Mom Carole

Cousin Denise & her daughter Colby

Steve and his oldest Meagan

My SWEET sister in- law and the babe!

My Maine Man and Neighbor Gary

Joni ~ Steve's significant other. She's a KEEPER!

My best bud Mary & her ex Leo who we still love dearly!

My AWESOME neighbors Dawn & Gary!

My Step Sister's Hubby Leo and Mary's Amazing Hubby Eric.
That water stain on his t-shirt is from doing lots of dishes and keeping my house in order as the party went on. Thanks so much Mary and Eric for all your help, you two Rock!

My friend Melissa's boy, Cam & Luke. The baby bunnies were a big hit!

Callie patiently waiting for a treat

Cousin Gary and his beautiful wife Denise.

Great friends Shawn & Marie

My girl Melissa

Uncle Norman

Cousin Ben's daughter

Joni's sister and her children

Everyone was amazed by the animals we have.

Mom (left) chatting with cousin Pat. God I love her spunk!

Cousin (crazy) Ricky and Diane

My Step Mom who is the one of the sweetest women I know. I was talking with her sister the other day and she said "She could write Hallmark cards". I couldn't have said it better! I called today to wish my Dad a happy birthday and 1 1/2 hours later I got off the phone with her.
Oh yes & Cousin Dave (Patsy's husband)

Chicken Tractor converted into a rabbit tractor. We are up to 26 baby meat babies and we just breed 2 of our does for a second time. Hope we like rabbit. Glad I am not part of the kill because I just can't stop kissing these cute little critters. We will see how this all works out.

My Cousin Rick's daughter Leah & Jillian

Our friend Jason

Don't ask!

We planned to eat at 5pm but the pig was a little delayed....3 Hours!!
Thankfully we had lots of food that people brought and I had cooked up 4 of our broilers. The pork was Delicious and well worth waiting for!
Thanks Maine Man for all your hard work!

Take note of this crew. They played a REAL interesting card game come midnight!

He even got 40 spanks.
It was a riot. I wish I would have put my camera on video mode!

Cousin Mike & Lisa


Anonymous said...

Neat family get-together images, Kim!

citygirl said...

What a lucky brother to have you for a sister. Happy Birthday Steve!

Morgan said...

Happy Birthday Steve. To bad I was in the pool and running around the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Aww.....looks like a wonder time was had by all. Girl, you know how to PARTY!! :)

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country girl said...

I love family party pictures even if I don't know the family. I think I would like your family a lot.