Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is why I have not blogged in a week.....

Our fourth annual camping trip, it is just a few miles from my Dad's
This is the second year that our friends, Jeff, Melissa, Abby, and Cam join us.
We had the best site ever! It was a walk- in site and we had lots of waterfront that provided the kids with hours of endless play and exploration.

We were a little north of Greenville, beautiful country!

My Dad has lived up here since I was in junior high. When I was young and crazy I was almost forced to move here, they thought it would simmer me down. They did drop me off for a week once and nobody came back to get me for 2 weeks that was back when they only had an outhouse and NO shower. (it was a camp transformed into a home). I use to have to go up to the campground to take a shower, not ideal for a teenage girl. That trip straightened me out for a couple weeks.

Visiting my Pa. This is their baby, Lady Bug.

Cam checking out what's on bottom.

Abby & Leah
The kids all had a fun time and got along well considering the variation of ages.

Come on little ducky, I just wanna hug you!

Momma and her babies, we had lots of visitors.

Skipping stones

Callie, the ferocious! For the most part she had to stay on a leash so it took her a bit to adjust, she is use to having free reign.
On Friday night we were raided by raccoons despite our preparation to avoid unexpected animal visitors. John heard it getting in the cooler, he unzipped the tent and you know it, Callie was right on it's tail and treed it after going round and round. It had one of our chickens (the one John just slaughtered) in it's mouth. Both Callie and the coon were very verbal and I'm sure the whole campground woke up. Melissa and family were a few sites down and she knew right away that it was Callie. The raccoons raided some sausage and a dozen eggs from them.
We laughed so hard at the chaos of the night, can't you just picture them going site to site having a good ole' time.

A couple hours later Callie was whining to go out, we thought to it was a fox this time. It was about 5 am and now it was the fox's repeated barks that awakoned our fellow campers.

A rock foundation we discovered on a walk

We saw 2 moose, 3 deer, lots of ducks and chipmunks, a raccon, and a wild bunny.

Our last stop was at a farm of a lady that bought 50 chickens off us last Spring, we stopped by to get some eggs, I think the last carton I'll have to buy.

Another great time with Melissa and family, we hope you join us again next year!


Don said...

Adorable pictures of all the kids! It looks like a great time. I wanna go next year. Those burgers over an open fire? It doesn't get much better than that. I loved reading every word.

Paula said...

Wow! What awesome pictures!! Looks like a good time... very much a roughing it kind of trip, but fun!!

Robbyn said...

What fun! Ah, nothing like smelling like a campfire :)

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

Oh how fun! Sounds like you guys had a blast!!! And moose? How cool is that? Awesome!
If you ever come up here to NY, I will take you to where we camp every year. Almost 90% of the campsites are waterfront.
Great pictures, thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Anonymous said...

What a great time!! It looks lovely! And the animal raids are hilarious!! ;) Better at the camp ground than at the farm, right?!

† Tasha said...

Love the pictures!

Just wanted you to know that I gave you a blog award on my blog this past Monday! Check it out!

I love reading your blog!

Tasha @ Comical Coupon Cents

VisionaryRN said...

This comment is on behalf of Melissa and family. We too had a superb time at Lily Bay State Park with Kim and family. It is so nice to be able to go somewhere with your family and be our not-so-perfect selves and never have to worry what is being thought or said by your fellow campers. Kim and John are great! We love them to pieces! Thanks for being you! Oh, and supplying my not-so-freakin'-organized self borrow all those miscellaneous gadgets to help us get by. Also, John makes a mean cup of campfire coffee...Ahhhh, that hit the spot! Toodles!

Amy said...

Looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful, what a peaceful vacation place and filled with so many memories too. Thanks for sharing your vacation.

Country Girl said...

Don, come on over and we'll cook you a burger. We have a few fire pits on the farm.
Farm Chick Paula, it is fun to "rough it" a couple times a year.
Robbyn, I agree I love that smell, we often have a fire going here on the farm.
YD's, I will be real close to New York next weekend, we are going to Rhode Island for a wedding, we are staying in a hotel and I am excited that I will not have to pack up the WHOLE house!
Farm Mom, I agree a raid at the farm by coons would be devastating. I think our dog scares them off here, they smell her scent everywhere's.
Tasha, thanks sooo much! I've never been awarded anything before, I only stated blogging in March.
Melissa, thanks to you John had coffee. Of all things that I forgot to pack. Thanks for the thoughtful compliments, we love you guys too and always enjoy your company.
Amy, it was fun...we enjoyed the company of all kinds of Rocky wannabe's, they loved the almonds and sunflower seeds we shared.
Nita, thanks glad you left a comment because I had not bookmarked you, I just wondered on over to your blog and was indulged for quite some time!
Enjoy your weekend, Kim

Morgan said...

Nice pictures Kim!

Is that when I watched you animals?