Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stocking up

I made some zucchini relish. I had a great recipe for some last year and I misplaced. I found the recipe for this batch on -line, I hope it comes out as well. It seemed like it called for a lot of sugar. Anyone have any good zucchini relish recipes to share?

John brought the remaining meat birds to the butcher, he did the first batch himself. He said our birds were the nicest cared for there and even the butcher made a comment .
These birds weighed in at 7-9 lbs.
Our first beans of the season. I am looking to borrow a pressure canner to do some up. If not I will freeze and sell all we harvest.
First buttercup squash of the season, one of my favorite vegetables.
Pickled eggs, John loved them! We are up to approximately 18 eggs/day


Mandie said...

I've never had buttercup squash, it sure looks pretty. My mom and I use to eat pickled eggs when I was little. Have a great day!

YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

Pickled eggs...I've never tried it.

Erica said...

Ugg, I SO wanted to make zucchini relish this year! I have a recipe printed out and everything. But, alas, my zucchini aren't as prolific as I had hoped. Yours looks great!

As for the pickled eggs, what recipe did you follow? We made some pickled beets a while back (which are DELICIOUS) and I saved the brine to put the eggs in for a few days.

And, YUMMY squash! Mine are just starting to flower :)

Juri said...

I, too, need the recipe for pickled eggs, as my hens are giving us about a dozen eggs a day and we just can't keep up, even with sharing with our neighbors! I love your blog....have enjoyed reading your past posts and looking at all your pictures!


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Found you through my sister's blog! Glad I did! I've been reading past posts here, and loved your Maggie so much. Sounded a lot like my Breezie of years ago. She just was there through so many stages of my life, too. A year ago, I finally found it in my heart to get another lab, Buster. He's a year old now, and I wasn't sure we were going to make it together. He was sooooooooo bad!!!! But he's wrapped around my heart now, starting to settle in a little, and I love him. You'll know when it's time!

I'll be back again!


Gina said...

Wow, all the canned goodies look really lovely! Please share your pickled egg technique (I have way too many eggs in the 'fridge).

Amy said...

How nice that even the butcher noticed how well cared for your birds were! Your harvest is looking so nice. I've never had zucchini relish or pickled eggs. I may have to try the pickled eggs if I have too many eggs this year.

Country Girl said...

Mandie, you have to try it. Peel, cut up, boil, mash, and add butter and a little salt& pepper. (John has added brown sugar in the past too)
They also store good in a root cellar.

YD's & Gina I'll post the recipe.

Erica if you lived closer I would load you up on zucchini and that is a good idea to re-use your brine.
Juri, thanks for the compliment!
I'll post the recipe.

Cora there is just something about a lab, when the right one comes along I'm sure we'll get one.

Amy, the relish is better than any store bought and pickled eggs are common here in Maine. John already ate up the jar I made and he said they were the best he'd ever had.