Sunday, March 16, 2008

New kids

My favorite time of day, quiet time at last! The kids are snoozing and the house is picked up, well the downstairs is at least and I get to play on my PC....yeah! I am not much for TV so I usually read, search the net and now blogging, my new obsession. I have always been a schemer, now I can do it out loud and with pictures which I love to take and share of course. Today was quite eventful. We received a call yesterday afternoon from Melonie , the owner of Tiny Angels Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats farm in Benton to let us know that our goats were taking the bottle good and they could be picked up earlier than Thursday if we wanted them. That was a no brainer, the kids and I have been so excited we made it happen. I think John was a little less then impressed as we were initially suppose to get this babes over the summer and then the date was suddenly moved up. Last night he jokingly (at least I took it as a joke) mentioned that I did not quite have his permission for getting these goats. It was pretty funny, I promptly reminded him of my age. In previous years I have been rather notorious for bring home animals without permission, even to my moms house. Since we have been at the farm (1yr) I have only brought home 2 cats, 2 ducks, 6 chickens, and now the goats without prior authorization. Today he mentioned that he was starting his own chore lists, saving for a gun. Well, I will give him credit and I'm sure he'll have that gun earned in no time cause the man does plenty of chores! The kids do chores and they raised a little more than half of the money to buy them. They have been saving since Fall when they put together a little roadside stand selling cornstalks, pumpkins, and squash. After that short term money maker they started doing chores on a regular basis. We use a dry erase board and Luke & Leah earn a quarter per chore, fifty cents for cleaning their rooms, and one dollar for folding and putting away there clothes all week. They usually wait until Sunday and play catch up folding a weeks worth at once. Regardless it gets done and less I have to fold! They saved up $200 for Anna Belle (Leah's goat-black one) and Oreo (Luke's goat-not hard to figure out what he looks like), their Grampy (my dad) contributed $100 as did John and I and they are currently in the red with me by $50 which is unusual because I almost always owe them some cash. We also bought all the supplies which were not too cheap. As you can see they are cute as hell. Leah's has quite a bleat on her, how ironic. They have adjusted well and I am sure we will all have a blast with them. Tonight I just pray they sleep through the night but I guess it does not matter because if they are not up Callie will be doing her midnight whine to go out or the wood stove will be needing to be has been a sleep deprived winter.


VisionaryRN said...

Oh my God! They are sooo cute! It is 1030, just got home and had to take a peek. My kids will definitely be begging for goats next! Hope you get some rest tonight, new momma:)

goatgirl said...

Hey cute goats. You will love the Nigerians. Perfect goat for kids.

Anonymous said...

Cute kids! Both in goat form, and kid form;) We got our girls their goats from Tiny Angels also. We don't get our's until the beginning of May. We cannot wait.
Thanks for stopping by our blog:)