Friday, March 28, 2008

Goat update

Annabelle & Oreo (the goats) are getting big! They have been a great addition to the farm. They are still in the mud room but do go outside on field trips. The kids walk them on a leash and they take them out under the maple trees where there is some grass to play on. They are drinking Sav-a-Kid 4 times a day (6oz) plus they nibble a little on the hay and they have started to eat grain. We have had some issues with diarrhea but it seems to be getting better after some Pepto and watering down their feedings a bit. Because of their sensitive digestive systems I think I would reconsider bottle feeding again. They are not lacking attention and if they feel they are they let us know They are well kept including daily face & butt washings. Today John & I gave them a half a bath (the back half of course) and they really didn't seem to mind. Annabelle & Oreo come in to the house a few times a day for their feedings and fortunately have not made too many messes. But they are mischievous little buggers sneaking in cupboards and even attempting to get into the fridge. Callie (naughty dog) does not know what to think of them, she just keeps her distance. I think she will have a blast with them this summer running about in the pasture. Maggie (our almost 15 year old black lab) is totally unimpressed. They jump on her when she is laying down and make attempts to jump over her when she is standing. She lets out a bark and they back off for a few seconds then they are right back at her. It is amazing how high they jump. Annabelle has successfully jumped over the side of their pen a couple of times, it is 2 1/2 feet high.
We received our chicks finally on Wednesday Morning, John picked them up shortly after 3 am at the post office. I will post some pics and a video of them sometime this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't realize they jumped that high either. We are now reconsidering adding another 2x6 to the top of the divider in the pen. Thanks for letting us know about how rambunctious they can be:)Looking forward to more pictures of the kids and chicks. Have a great weekend!