Monday, November 12, 2012

:~day 24

Two pigs went to be processed at the end of last week  There were no problems loading our pigs but our friends pigs were a completely different scenario…..there is an interesting story behind it.  All I will say today is that Country Boy said if I had been there with a video camera we could have won $100,00 on home funniest videos.

We have lots to do in order to finish getting buttoned up for winter.  We have seven bushels of apples in the walk-in cooler waiting to be made of.  We also have 20+ meat birds ready for processing.  With that said I am feeling the need to step away from the blog for a bit…. it may be a few days, it may be a week.

30 post in a row is more work then I thought.  With that said, the next 5 posts (day 25-30) will come over time, not on a daily basis.  It has been fun to see the numbers of visitors on my blog go up.  On Bangor Daily News I observed my daily visitor count go up as high as 419 and on Blogspot it went up as high as 398 visitors in a day.  I appreciate all the feedback I get…. random comments, private messages on Facebook, and sweet words of encouragement when I run into friends and family in the community   That is why I’ve carried on since 2008 sharing tid bits of our life.  There are times that have been challenging that I have seriously considered throwing the towel in but for all those reasons above I continue this journey.

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Ferkelproduktion said...

It means that from now you should kept video camera with you. Isn't it?