Monday, September 17, 2012

Dessert Anyone?

These stinking things are my arch enemy!  They return year after year in our gardens and always move on in the greenhouse.  This year they even devoured our Jalapeno plants, peppers and all.  The kids enjoy feeding them out to the chickens although I think they just play tug-a-war with them.  Just as well, they serve no purpose here….nasty tomato horn–worm!


hillybilly annie said...

I hate those things as well, they only visit my tomatoes chickens just look at them

doglady said...

According to a letter in Mother Earth News, they only eat some leaves and turn into hummingbird moths.

Mim said...

I use tongs to remove them from my plants....those things like to put up a fight!!
The hens loooove 'em!!