Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tractor Procession

A couple weeks back over 20 tractors gathered for a procession to pay our respects to my farmer friend.  We started at his house and made our way to the store a few miles up the road where he was a regular customer for many years.

It truly was one of the most touching events I have ever been involved in!

I had all intentions to let someone else drive our tractor.  The kids and I planned on riding  our 4- wheeler once we made our way down to his house. However, everything changed when I jumped on the tractor to drive it to his house.  Immediately I found myself overwhelmed with emotion!  Just a  moment later I drove past my neighbor’s place where she was watching me out her front door.  She sent me off with a wave, a smile, and she even blew a kiss my way. The tears flooded my eyes. I stopped  the tractor and told Maine Man he had to go back home and fetch another tractor because there was no way I was going to drive anything but.  He went back and grabbed the International……God love him!

With very little coordination efforts the tractors pulled in his yard one after another. It was heartwarming to see his farming friends from near and away gather……

There is no doubt that he was smiling from above!

(Picture credit goes to his niece, DH.  Thanks for sharing!)


Anonymous said...

The best "Tribute" Myron could have had. Thanks for sharing this emotional time with everyone.

Jenna said...

Wow. These images are really powerful, when you learn the reason behind them.

Thanks for sharing your way of honoring your friend.

The Polar Bear said...

what an amazing way to honor a friend. the closest thing i have seen to this is in hawaii when surfers paddle out together and ride a wave in to honor a fallen friend. such rituals are so important for community. thanks for sharing.

warren said...

Fantastic! Sounds like a great tribute!!

Unknown said...

Dearest Kim~ I loved reading about the tractor procession for your friend Myron. That is really the sweetest thing and the pictures were wonderful. I love the one of you and your Leah...Love your heart Kim~~

Unknown said...

That was one great way to pay tribute to your farmer friend. All of the different colors and shapes of the tractors involved were a remarkable sight to behold. I’m sure your friend’s family and loved ones really appreciated your grand gesture.

Bernadine Koster

Unknown said...

How cool is it to drive a tractor? Particularly those that have smooth brakes that run softly. It's easier to maneuver a tractor on the road if the brakes are properly lubricated and equally adjusted.

Tanner =)