Friday, June 24, 2011

She’s A Keeper


Have I mentioned lately how much we love our milking goat Dolly?

She’s been a lot of fun and she is productive as all get out.  Her return is definitely much greater then what we are feeding out. 

Plus she forages a lot of her food and she eats whatever garden goods we feed her.  Unlike the last goats we had she will eat just about anything.  She LOVES broccoli (not just the head but the whole plant).  Everyone that has tried her milk says it tastes no different from cow milk…even my neighbor Biker Stacy  and she’s a tad bit fussy.  Soon I will post on the milking process.  Not sure why everyone doesn’t have a goat! 



icebear said...

I'd love to have a goat. Dolly is adorable. :o)

Anonymous said...

She's lovely! We raise Mini-Nubians here. We don't breed or sell anymore though.


small farm girl said...

I love my nubians! There is nothing better than a good goat. hehehe

goatgirl said...

I am so pleased you are having a good experience with this's how it should be. I love sitting by the milking stand in the morning and milking my goat and then taking it and making wonderful cheese. I also think everyone should have a goat.

Sheryl at Providence North said...

We are considering it. There are tow nubian/boer crosses, just 2 wks old, nearby. Just not sure we want the stress, work and committment this summer with so much on our plate already. Still, we have a lot of brush that could use clearing and I'd love to have milk!