Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pictures to Prove it!


Do you remember that kid that wanted NO part of having bees on his 100 acre playground?

Well that is him in the bee suit just below….Imagine that!  He cried and fussed and carried on.  I was initially suppose to pick the bees up on his birthday.  I delayed that until the following week to keep peace in the family.  In effort to get me to change my mind about raising bee’s he even said “Did you know that bees kill more people then any other animal?”  Smarty pants….he was reaching for my weak spot….safety. LOL.  I guess he has outgrown his fear in the last couple weeks because yesterday when I went out to do my weekly check he wanted to participate.


He has always watched from a distance and he’s real good at getting my smoker fired up.  It was fun to watch his expressions, first time around the bees is a little scary.

I still have not been able to locate the queen but I’ll continue looking for her until I find her.  The bees have drawn out most the comb on the frames so within the next day or two I will be adding another super (box). 


The cells filled with the white are the larvae….cool to see their cycle of life.


If I could have bet money on it Flower Girl would have been in this suit long before Country Boy!


Judy T said...

How cool is that! I'm hoping to add bees next year. I'll see how close my children are willing to get.

warren said...

At least you know there is a good queen in there. That capped brood is all female brood. Male brood is not flat like that. Laying workers sometimes take the place of a failed queen but they lay only male, you have a good queen somewhere in there. Keep looking!

Anonymous said...

How neat!


Country Girl said...

Thanks Warren good to know. I took a class through adult ed but there is sooooo much you learn by error.