Friday, April 29, 2011

The Little Things in Life are the Big Things

I know......I've been a BAD blogger, nearly 2 weeks from my last post. It is nice to feel missed as evidence by an e-mail I received last night from my cousin.

One of our Muscovies hatched out 10 ducklings a couple days ago. Aren't they just the cutest animal EVER? CB's incubator is full of duck eggs so we have more on the way.
Life has been busy but.....I will be posting again real soon.



Anonymous said...

Love the pic!! Ducks are definitely the next thing we're adding to our farm. I've missed you and your posts too! But I really can't say anything, as I've been a BAD blogger lately too. ;)

Rae said...

They are awfully cute. Ducklings and goslings look so smug when they're little. Lots more personality than chicks. :)

Amanda :: Grace & Gusto said...

So cute!!

Don't worry, everyone needs a break some time. :) Hope all is well!

GreyWolf said...

I love ducklings, just too cute for words. Spring on the farm is always too busy.