Saturday, December 25, 2010

Special Delivery

This Christmas my AMAZING co-workers came together to help someone in need from my community. This morning we made a special delivery of clothing, blankets, towels, lanterns, batteries, flashlights, towels, paper goods, a Coleman stove, fuel, lanterns, canned goods and SO much more! This someone is the man that my farmer friend and I have been delivering food to weekly for over 6+ months now. Most recently we have connected him with a local food bank which has greatly eased the amount of food we have to come up with ourselves. I first posted about him here and again here if you are interested in reading a little history of how I got involved in this adventure.
When we first arrived he did not appear to be home. Knowing he could not be far I unloaded all the goods in his front yard. As we started to take off he appeared from behind his house. He was gathering branches for his fire. The smile on his face when he saw all the supplies was PRICELESS! I just want to THANK all that were involved in this RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS! I could not have pulled this off with you, MUCH APPRECIATED!


doglady said...

Does it get any better than helping someone truly in need? Perhaps someone could get a load of fire wood to him if he is using branches for fuel.

Ali said...

That's really lovely, I often talk to myself about helping others but I seem to never get around to it... I'm waiting for one day, you know. I'm going to try harder now, thanks for this post :)

Jennifer said...

How wonderful that you all came together to help someone in need! That is what Christmas should always be about.