Sunday, June 13, 2010


I think this is our third year of raising broilers. We buy them as day olds and raise them to 6-8 weeks old. They arrived the same day these RI Reds were hatching in County Boy's incubator.
Note the size difference. There is a reason why people do not raise layers for eating.

Now that their feathers are almost in they will go out to pasture within a few days.

We still had some chicken in the freezer from last fall so we only kept 22 and we sold the extras. We will raise another batch come fall. Traditionally we freeze them whole as roasters but this batch I plan to part out. Nothing like boneless chicken breast on the grill!
Thankful for the chicken plucker MM built that makes butchering much easier and cost effective.


Sheryl at Providence North said...

The baby RIRs are always so cute! Your own fresh meat is well worth the trouble!

We are replacing some of our layer flock this year.

Katie said...

It's amazing how fast the meat guys grow!! This is our first year with chickens, we had 15 meaties that we ordered at the same time as our egg birds. Within days they were bigger, even though they were about the same size when we got them. Love chick pictures!

Bryce & Noreen said...

I´m going to process my first flock of 47 Red Rangers on Wednesday. I´ll help the neighbor process some of their birds on Tuesday to get a feel for how it´s all done. Exciting and scary!