Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greenhouse Update

April 12th we harvested our 1st bowl of lettuce. That's nearly 8 weeks ahead of our norm.
Maine Man has quite a few vegetables growing strong in the greenhouse. Mostly cold weather crops. He was feeling brave and planted his beloved tomatoes a week or so ago. He is been closely watching the weather forecast for nighttime low temperatures. A good many nights he has had to cover the tomatoes and a few nights we've had to run a propane heater.
By next year we will have a wood stove piped in.


Peppers he's yet to plant in the ground

We mixed some beet greens in our salad mix
Nothing like fresh greens sowed from seed just out your front door!

Garlic in the outside garden. Looking forward to July's harvest. Thankful I still have some from last season.


Denise said...

I had my very first lettuce leaves this week too.. mesclun mix :) hope to have more later this week. It's exciting when you can start eating from your garden!

Anonymous said...

How nice to see growing things in our world again :-) The first taste/meal from the garden is special every year. Spring greens....
It has been unusually warm here too in CT, making everything start earlier. I was able to get a bundle of spinach this past weekend from my local farmers!

Anonymous said...

How nice!


Danni said...

Ooooh, look how green and lovely everything looks. Love your hoop house!

Hickchick said...

its is beautiful! We have been thinking about the things we want to do on our new homestead and a greenhouse or high hoop house figures prominently in those plans-I am thinking about using the house for redworms to supplement chickens (ala Harvey U. at themodernhomestead). I will continue to follow how yours is working out for you-learn form your mistakes (if you make any!) :)

Little Messy Missy said...

Looks great!

Modern Pioneer said...

What zone are you folks in?

Country Girl said...

MP, growing zone? 4