Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home is Where the Heart is...

Once again blogging from a lonely hotel room in Boston, MA on a medical mission with a family member.  The medical care is great!  The proximity of all the hospitals I am certain is definitely a life-saver for many but damn this isn’t my thing!  The only other perk to this stay in the city is that I gain a greater appreciation for my family & home in the country every time I come.

In Boston….I wake to sirens blasting and horns honking.  Actually they can be heard 24/7.  This place could be burning around me and I would be oblivious because one becomes so desensitized.

In Maine…I wake to my son’s roosters singing their tune.  They start around 5 a.m.  If the hens make any abnormal cackle we jump out of bed for fear the fox is after them.  Maine Man usually just in his skivvies with shotgun in hand.  My neighbors love us I tell you!


Fresh Tomato Soup made by Flower Girl….she is a good cook when she wants to be.


Eggs are plentiful right now.  Country boy’s hens are laying TONS.  If anyone local is interested they can be purchased for $3/dozen.  My boy is currently saving up for a well and septic system.  The boy has big goals.  His plan is to build a house on our land while in high school. That will be a post in and of itself.  If anyone can do it I have not doubt he will. Help a brother out …GO buy some eggs from the poor boy!

In Boston… I eat out every FREAKIN’ meal.  There is NO local grocery store in the district I am currently  in.  Even if so there is no refrigerator or microwave in the room.

In Maine… I eat good, real, homemade food everyday. With much of the meat, all of the eggs and some vegetable we raised with our bare hands in our back yards.  With the exception of eating in the cafeteria at work because I am too stinkin’ lazy  tired to prepare meals ahead and off course the occasional takeout.



In Boston….my days are predictable and relatively uneventful. They go something like this…..rise, coffee, hospital, gym, hospital, lunch, hospital, dinner, hotel, drink, bed .  Facebook and Pinterest are my new BFF’s.  The most fun I have is people watching.  Road rage, people running for buses, everyone and their brother plugged in to their phones most adorning ear buds so they can be completely disconnected from society. I like my phone too but there is a time and place.  Sometimes I randomly smile at people as I would in Maine just for sheer glory of their response.  Some are responsive others notsomuch.

 In Maine…my days are unpredictable filled with life changing and enlightening events.  My days off start like this, rise, let the dogs out, see if the rabbit broke out, potentially step in cat puke, stoke wood stove, newspaper/facebook (same thing kinda), feed cows, wrestle sleeping beauty out of bed, start school day off with shared reading, proceed prodding children through school work.  From there on out it is pretty much helter skelter.  For entertainment we do FUN shit like snowmobile, ski, garden, swim, bbq,  trail run, fish.  Outside stuff!!!….I think you get the point…..HOMESICK.

  “There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.”  ~Jane Austen

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