Monday, October 21, 2013

Red Rangers

(Originally posted 8/30 on my blog at Bangor Daily News…little behind on getting it here…sorry)

I will make no excuses for my absence here except to say it has been a crazy busy summer and I am so looking forward to fall!  My FAVORITE time of year!

This summer Maine Man decided to raise a different type of meat bird, red rangers.  For the last several years we have raised cornish rocks.  The red rangers are definitely slower growing but they actually forage some of their own food.  Something the cornish rocks never seemed to do much of.  We have also been able to let them free range now that they are older.  They are much more enjoyable to watch grow then the cornish rocks, that seem to only care about eating large amounts,  followed by lots of poo, and sleeping.  Not to mention they stay a lot cleaner because they are much more mobile.

I am will try and do a follow-up post about the after parts of their life on the farm such as how the butchering goes and their taste in comparison.  Maybe I could even talk MM into doing a post!  He did build a pig cooker this summer, maybe he would blog about that too.


small farm girl said...

I've thought about maybe getting some meat birds this coming spring. I didn't want the "creepy meats" though. I'll have to check into these Red Rangers. Glad to hear from ya again!

LuckyRobin said...

Nice to see a post from you! I am thinking about raising Red Rangers for meat next year. I'm interested in how it all turns out for you.