Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The pest made pesto


My current food obsession: Pesto

Eating it on…potatoes, tortillas, eggs, salads & pizza

I threw together a batch a couple of weeks back and yesterday Flower Girl did the same. Both times it came out fab! No measuring just a handful of ingredients in the food processor.

A few bunches of fresh basil, a handful of walnuts, parmesan cheese (not the grated stuff), 3-4 cloves of fresh garlic, a dash of salt, and several glugs of extra virgin olive oil.

My girl also learned to make butter today. Even though I must admit she made it out of desperation. Who can eat a slice of homemade grilled toast without that? Mother was lacking on groceries but had some cream she had frozen & thawed in anticipation of the shortage. FG also made no-bake peanut-butter cookies. Atta Girl….hoping she’ll take over some of the kitchen duties this summer ;)


A.K.W. said...

Way to go FG on making butter and no bake cookies.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog.I grew up and Maine but found your blog when I was living in Florida. My family and I have moved back to Oxford Maine to live our dream of a more self reliance life. Would love to hear more abut your green house. It's the next thing on our list to do.


smallfarminwoods said...

After reading and following your great blog I started my own called smallfarminwoods.blogspot. I have three kids but havn't posted any pictures of them. Have you had any problems with posting pictures of your own kids.
Jim Morris

♥ Sean -N- Sonja ♥ said...

My eyes couldn't register the 2nd picture until I clicked on it to make it full sized. You have baby bunnies? Are these pets or dinner?

Sonja Twombly of

Country Girl said...

Thanks Cindy. Glad to hear you are back in Maine. I will try and post more on the greehouse.

Jim I remain anonymous and do not disclose my exact location soley for the safety of my children.