Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Babies

Country Boy has been hatching out chicks & these Khaki Campbell ducklings in his incubator.  He is interested in hatching quail eggs, guineas, or some other fowl if anyone local has anything available.  His sister is now in competition with him as she just received an incubator as an early  birthday gift. We have some Rhode Island Red chicks if your interested in bartering!


Anonymous said...

We will need pullets in the fall.... if you have extras we might be interested in bartering/purchasing in mid-August for some nice friendly girls.

Anonymous said...

we are looking to get some chicks.if you are willing to sell let me

♥ Sean -N- Sonja ♥ said...

Thanks for your blog post. Our 11 year old just started her first batch of 28 mixed chicken eggs. I love how involved all of your family is with your farm. We are just beginning the journey into family farming and blogs like yours are inspirational to folks like us. Thanks, again!

Sonja Twombly of