Sunday, March 11, 2012

Homemade Smoker by Maine Man

After studying and looking at several different homemade smokers I finally built one this past fall.  The 2 things I was looking for was a design that was inexpensive and simple to operate.  An old electric oven, a tray full of charcoal brickets and hickory wood chips was the perfect combination I was looking for!  It provides consistent, regulated heat source much like a commercially built model.  All I needed to do was wire up a  220 volt extension cord.  That same day we were smoking up a storm.

Our local butcher shop charges 45 to 50 cents per pound for smoking. Pictured above are some of the bacon and hams from our last pig.  I love to save a buck, plus it’s just gratifying when you take food from the field and put it on the table.

My mother had an old slicer at her house that hadn’t been used in quite some time.  It needed a little tinkering but it was well worth it. I wish I had bought one years ago.  It worked slick for making consistent cuts of meat.  Above is some of the finished delicious bacon.  Thanks Mom!

Below are a few Lakers that Country Boy caught on Moosehead Lake.  They smoked up great, much of the greasiness dripped away.  Hands down the best Lake Trout I have ever eaten.


warren said...

Sweet idea! That bacon looks incredible!

icebear said...

i have some trout from Moosehead as well, (and a smoker) now i have an idea of something different to do with them.

did you do a sugar&salt brine on them?

Country Girl said...

IB he used a brine for the bacon

Country Girl said...

IB he used a brine for the bacon