Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tomatoes, Beans, Corn, Oh My…..


At the beginning of the summer I swore off preserving of any sort.  I think my exact words were  “I’m burnt out” and “we were going to eat seasonally and give the rest away.”

Yeah right…..Maine Man planted green beans at three different times.  You know what that means….beans galore, three different batches.  Ate a TON, froze a bunch, and made some WICKED good dilly beans! 

P.S. Flower Girl & I like green beans best baked with olive oil & sea salt!


Tomatoes….well I have a quick fix for them. LOVE, LOVE my saucer!  That is what tomatoes that are left after the PESKY HORNWORMS had their way with them.  Sweet revenge …the kids had a blast plucking the hornworms off the plants and feeding them out to the chickens and County Boy’s quail like them as well.

Nice thing about a farm….we might not eat you but we will find someone that will!

3 batches of sauce in the freezer thus far.  Will make for some tasty soups & sauces come Winter!



Note to self & others :  NEVER walk away from the blender when your making butter when it is  transitioning from heavy cream to butter! Oops, my bad !

I will end this note with my FAVORITE way to put up corn….. CREAM STYLE CORN .  Click on that link and it will bring you to a how-to I posted last year on it.  Glad I recorded it because I’ll be referring to it this weekend.


coley said...

Wow those veggies look amazing.It was so hot down here this summer that it was souring the tomatoes on the vines. I see that you are using those ziploc freezer bags. Are they really good storage bags for the freezer?

ashleybrowning said...

so do you have a recipe you can share for dilly beans? I have so many extra beans and i have frozen and eaten all I can bare! I've always wanted to make dilly beans but no one seems to want to share!

Anonymous said...

We've canned a lot of tomatoes and we made some dilly beans as well with green beans that people that we know have given us.


GreyWolf said...
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GreyWolf said...
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GreyWolf said...

Try adding a sliced hot pepper to a few jars for a special treat.

Catsngrams said...

What wonderful beans. We only planted tomatoes and peppers this year. I love the fall when all the veggies come on. There is a sense of security in knowing your freezer is full.

SweetLand Farm said...

I am so glad that I'm not the only one who has accidently left the kitchen aide mixer going when making butter!! Makes an awful mess. Now I have a butter churn!!
Your beans and tomatoes look good too!

Country Girl said...

Coley, I like the bags. They are a little pricey but food seems to stay fresh in them.

Ashley, the recipe comes from the Blue Book of preserving. Here is a link that someone else posted.

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