Monday, August 3, 2009

Another First here on the homestead

Isn't he sweet? Not Maine Man THE PIG! (ok he don't look so bad either)
Ham just a few hours before she delivered.
Just after 9pm Sunday night I went out to check on her and I found her delivering piglet #1
This is just a few moments later.

I ran in the house grabbed my camera and yelled for the kids & MM to join me .
In their pj's in the rain with owls hooting overhead they watched with much excitement.
Luke said, "I bet no one else I know is out this time of night watching a pig have babies."

About 30 minutes later piglet #2 was born.

(The yellow glow was from a flashlight MM was holding. )
Queenie mentioned in a comment on a previous post that piglets are born in a sac and sneeze their way out. She was right! As you see above the piglet has a coating and soon after they come out of the canal you hear some sneezing going on.

MM was up a few times throughout the night and only 1 other pig was born.

Total count thus far is #3. I was thinking more like 8 , 10 or more?
I have heard they can have more then 1 placenta. We are now wondering if one got stuck in the canal. She is in no distress and was up and about today. MM is out further inspecting her as I type. The problem with doing things for the first time is the mistakes that are made, there are bound to be screw ups.
Time will tell!


Kelly said...

I think piglets are the sweetest things. She did look bigger than just 3 piglets. Keep us updated if anymore show up. We want to get pigs next year. We have added many animals and have to pace ourselves. I hate the mistakes. We all make them, and with each mistake we learn. And before you know it you are a master pig farmer. Or something like that. Good luck!

Judy T said...

Congratulations!!! I hope all goes well. We raised pigs when I was little and I don't remember ever having a litter with

Life Goes On said...

aw, that is very sweet! I've never seen that before, thank you for sharing your 'first'. :)

Danni said...

Wow - congratulations - how amazing that must have been to witness. I have to say, though, my butt was aching looking at that picture of your son sitting flat on top of that fence. Those pokey-things on top poke right into one's tender parts! lol
I'm interested to know what your MM found out about a litter of 3. Are there more piglets waiting to be born or is this just chalked up to a "first litter" amount?
Congrats again! They are incredibly sweet.

Anonymous said...

They are cute, congrats!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable!!! Just adorable. Keep us updated, I'm so excited for you guys!! :)

maine momma of 3 (formally: stayathomemommy from maine) said...

My little thing 1 saw your piggies and said "they are so cutie patutie... I just want to snuggly wuggly with them"

Anonymous said...

Awww! How sweet! I have to admit I'm kinda afraid of pigs. Good luck with your new babies.

Holly said...

I love farrowing pigs. A friend up until a year ago had four sows and a boar. Sometimes, I filled in feeding and farrowing while they were gone. I'm in a position right now where I can only raise a couple hogs for the freezer but someday, I'd like to have a couple sows to farrow of my own. Thanks for the memories that your pictures stirred.

Bookncoffee said...

I think I will enjoy reading your blog. I love the little pigglet pictures.

Morgan said...

cute!!! I forgot how old do the piggeys have to be before we get to hold them.

Dianna said...

Wow, that's amazing! Thanks for sharing it. I will show it to my son, he loves pigs right now. I'm trying to find a farm nearby where he can see one but I'm having a hard time finding one.

Paula said...

I agree, Kim- I thought she would have a lot more than 3!!
Baby piglets are so sweet!

Jennifer said...

How cute! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know that about sneezing their way out..very interesting.
I love when kids get a chance to see something so amazing. They'll never forget it.